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Samsung partners with Q CELLS to offer IoT home energy solutions

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Samsung announced that it has recently entered into a new strategic partnership with Hanwha Q Cells Co., a solar power cells and modules manufacturer to combine technological expertise to provide ‘zero energy home’ solutions.

Recently homes are moving towards automation and being filled with IoT devices that needs to be powered on all times. The zero energy solutions is said to allow home owners to save energy and harness SmartThings IoT platform to monitory and optimise energy consumption. Samsung’s SmartThings Energy is an IoT platform that connected to home appliances or devices made by other manufacturers as well.

The companies are said to work towards establishing new solutions with Samsung’s SmartThings Energy service connected to Q CELLS’s solar modules and energy storage systems.

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Jaeseung Lee, president and head of Samsung Electronics’ Digital Appliances Business, said, “We anticipate great synergy between Samsung’s smart home appliances and SmartThings platform, and Q CELLS’ solar energy and storage solutions.”

Samsung defines zero energy home as one that becomes energy self-sufficient by only utilising energy that is drawn from the home itself. This self-sufficiency is achieved by both producing energy through renewables like solar, and reducing energy consumption through utilisation of more efficient devices.

“We expect the partnership will provide our global customers with even more competitive energy solutions. Synergizing with Samsung will help strengthen our leading position in the global residential energy market,” said Hanwha Q CELLS CEO Kim Hee-cheul.

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