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Phosphorus And Redapt Collaborates To Provide xIoT Security To US Businesses

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The provider of information technology solutions will represent Phosphorus as a value-added reseller (VAR) in the US market.

Redapt and Phosphorus, a supplier of proactive and comprehensive security for the extended Internet of Things (xIoT), have joined forces. In order to satisfy expanding enterprise demand for xIoT attack surface management and remediation capabilities, the two companies will jointly deploy a new generation of xIoT security solutions in the US under the terms of the new agreement.

The Enterprise xIoT Security Platform from Phosphorus is the first and only automated security platform in the world that offers xIoT Attack Surface Management, xIoT Hardening and Remediation, and xIoT Detection and Response for the entire range of IoT, OT, and Network-connected devices, including both new and legacy devices. As a result, big businesses may scale xIoT technologies—which might involve millions of devices per organization—without needing to hire more staff to safeguard them.

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“Enterprises face a growing risk of cyber attacks because of vulnerable IoT and OT endpoints which traditional security companies can’t protect,” said Kal Gajera, Director of North America Channels at Phosphorus. “These attacks can lead to a full compromise of the corporate network, resulting in data theft, espionage, and even ransomware. Through our new partnership with Redapt, we will work closely with their executive team to deliver our advanced xIoT attack surface management platform to more US enterprises so they can prevent these threats by better securing the myriad of xIoT devices lurking in their networks.”

“With Phosphorus as part of our broader security solution and methodology, Redapt is helping enterprises assume a more robust and proactive security posture by protecting their often-overlooked IoT and OT systems from a growing number of cyber threats,” said Nick Sutherland, Senior Director Business Development at Redapt. “Businesses are more reliant on IoT and OT systems than ever before, but these technologies frequently contain serious security lapses like default passwords, out-of-date firmware, and unpatched vulnerabilities, all of which Phosphorus’s xIoT platform helps to address. With Phosphorus, we can empower our clients to identify and secure devices with privileged accounts and credentials, improve productivity, and reduce IT/OT system intrusion.”


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