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OP[4] Gets Released Featuring Technology For Securing IoT And Embedded Systems

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This automated platform can detect, prioritize, and remediate exploitable vulnerabilities.

With over $2 million in first seed funding acquired through a combination of product sales and private investment, OP[4], a new company founded on cybersecurity technology initially created for DARPA and productized via AFWERX, launched today.

The cutting-edge security platform from OP[4] is made to detect and patch Internet-of-Things (IoT) gadgets and embedded systems’ N-Day and 0-Day vulnerabilities automatically. The company is getting ready to launch industry-specific versions for the Consumer IoT, Aerospace & Defense, and Telecommunications markets this Spring. The company is already providing the software-as-a-service offering to the U.S. government. These solutions will aid the national cybersecurity IoT labeling program that the White House will unveil later this year.

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The unique capacity of OP[4]’s platform to imitate an operating device, which enables it to distinguish between active and inactive code and assess risk at the binary level, is what gives it its power. The N-Day and 0-Day vulnerabilities are continuously and accurately found, isolated, validated, classified, prioritized, and remedied by OP[4]’s fully automated system. This reduces risk and accelerates time to market by allowing product development teams to focus initially on addressing key vulnerabilities throughout their entire software supply chain.

“As IoT devices become increasingly prevalent, we aim to provide the commercial sector with the same level of protection and privacy as nation states,” said OP[4] co-founder and CEO, Irby Thompson. “Our technology empowers device manufacturers, integrators, and critical infrastructure operators to create safer, more reliable products faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

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