OBJEX Link May Be The Smallest Modular, Reusable Board For IoT


Engineering student Salvatore Raccardi has recently unveiled OBJEX Link, a modular IoT board designed for user who needs compact hardware for your smart projects. The form factor of OBJEX Link is meant to fit several applications. With modules, the user can customise easily the hardware for your projects, he noted in his YouTube video.  

Raccardi claims it to be the smallest modular IoT board. It uses model add ons to improve reusability in IoT product design which he explains as “easy to repair and reusable”. 

The form factor of OBJEX Link is meant to fit several applications like(IoT button, security camera, motor driver, etc). With modules, the user can customize easily the hardware for your projects.

OBJEX Link v1.0 and v1.5 are based on ESP32-PICO-D4 microcontroller, to program the board developer can use Arduino IDE or other similar solutions – OBJEX Link rev1.5 does not support MicroPython.

“The possible uses of OBJEX Link are endless. You can potentially use OBJEX Link for any device with the right module. If you need very compact and reliable hardware for your IoT devices, OBJEX Link is the best choice…It can also be used for simple prototyping,” Raccardi claims. 

He adds that, while there are other solutions on the market, only few of them are designed to actually reuse the hardware. “Many devices have custom hardware/pcbs, so it makes it impossible to recycle it for other devices,” says Raccardi. 

The design and source code of the module is available on GitHub under the CERN Open Hardware License Version 2.