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IoT Startup Granted Patent For Dynamic Memory Protection to Keep IoT Devices Safe

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Israel based IoT startup Sternum announced today that it’s dynamic memory protection is officially patented by the US Trademark and Patent Office. This solution monitors and thwarts instant cyberattacks rather than relying on passive detection and patching off vulnerabilities that may never become exploitable. The Dynamic Memory Protection layer focuses on one of the top threats on IoT devices – memory-based vulnerabilities, helping companies protect their data and users.

Sternum has built a holistic, scalable endpoint security solution for IoT devices, that prevents attacks in real-time. The startup also works on a deeper exploitation layer with the understanding that if a device is not exploitable, it’s not vulnerable.

Founded in 2018 by Arik Farber, Boaz Shedletsky, Lian Granot, and Natali Tshuva, Sternum’s solution is said to identify attacks in IoT devices in real-time with less than one percent overhead. Sternum’s Dynamic Memory Protection leverages technology to track, identify, and locate that unique “Exploitation Fingerprint,” flagging the presence of a hacker and preventing the attack itself regardless of the memory-based vulnerability that is attempted to be exploited.

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With the additional security protection layers of Sternum’s solution, active mitigation against the widest range of threats is achieved. The solution is claimed to be the first to install real-time, proactive cybersecurity on any pre-or post-production device through a simple software update with no changes needed to existing code and is already deployed in scale in highly regulated industries.

Sternum also provides users with a cloud-based data analytics system and is the first company to provide actionable visibility into the security and behavior of IoT devices.

“We are glad that top regulatory bodies have recognized our Dynamic Memory Protection technology through this patent,” says Natali Tshuva, CEO & co-founder of Sternum. “IoT devices are shaping our future, and existing security approaches are inadequate to the unique IoT environment and limitations. At Sternum, it is our mission to innovate and bring military-grade security to each and every embedded and IoT device to make sure our critical infrastructures, medical devices, smart cities, and more are properly secured. ”





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