Fibocom Launches LTE Cat 1 Module MC116 Proliferating Connectivity Across the IoT Industries


Fibocom, the provider of cellular embedded wireless module solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), announced the launch of LTE Cat 1 Module MC116. Supporting Windows, Linux and Android operating systems as well as GNSS, the Fibocom MC116 is a high-performance LTE Cat 1 module with a rich extension of interfaces, which is perfectly suitable for a variety of IoT applications such as telematics, smart payments, public security, asset tracking and so on.

Based on Qualcomm platform, the newly-launched MC116 module adopts LCC+LGA form factor and is pin-to-pin compatible with the Fibocom LTE Cat 4 module NL668. Fibocom’s MC116 module supports LTE FDD frequency bands, with a theoretical downlink peaking at 10 Mbps and an uplink of 5 Mbps. Additionally, the Fibocom MC116-EUL module is backward compatible with WCDMA/ GSM frequency bands, which helps to reduce the complexity of deployment.

Fibocom’s MC116 module is available in two regional versions, MC116-NA and MC116-EUL, proliferating connectivity for the IoT market in Europe, Latin America and North America. The module supports Windows, Linux and Android operating systems, as well as GNSS, including GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo. With a rich extension of interfaces including SIM 1.8V/3.0V, USB2.0, UART, I2C etc., the LTE Cat 1 module MC116 can be widely applied in IoT scenarios such as telematics, smart payments, public security, asset tracking and so on.


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