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eBikeGo’s New IoT System To Analyse Usage of Electric Two-Wheelers

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Indian Electric Vehicle startup brand eBikeGo has recently launched an IoT system connected to mobility EBG-Matics, that claims to make its e-fleets smarter to give utmost efficiency in the EV ecosystem.

EBG-Matics is a telematics device that uses AI and machine learning to analyse rider and vehicle behaviour in order to track and improve efficiency. According to a company statement, insurance companies and banks will also benefit from EBG-Matics.

The device follows the 0.5 – 5 – 50 formula, in which 0.5 implies that the vehicle should be repaired within half an hour in case of any downtime or fault, 5 means that vehicles and their assets should last at least 5 years, and 50 means that only 50 per cent of the cost should be spent on maintenance.

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Electric vehicle fleets may use EBG-Matics’ like technology to show data in order to decide on financing options. The company claims that it can also assist insurance companies by providing data indicating which riders are driving safely and which are not.

Full analytics data or business intelligence may be offered to food delivery or logistics firms such as Swiggy, Zomato, Big Basket, or Amazon by using EBG-Matics. The drivers can also be given a driving score.

Vehicle depreciation is another factor that can be modelled by EBG-Matics. The time of actual usage during ownership, driving/parking circumstances, maintenance records, and more can be tracked via EBG-Matics, the company said.

EBG-Matics is said to be included as standard in all eBikeGo fleets and may be used to effectively rate the vehicle’s health using the eBikeGo rating system.


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