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AT&T, Cisco Launch 5G Service for IoT Applications

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AT&T and Cisco have introduced 5G network capabilities to boost performance for Internet of Things (IoT) applications across the US. The AT&T 5G network is now ready to deliver lower latency and faster speeds for enterprise customer IoT deployments using 5G certified devices.

The partners currently manage millions of connected devices spanning manufacturing, utilities, transportation, public sector, retail, and healthcare industries as well as public safety on FirstNet®, built with AT&T, through AT&T’s 4G LTE and low-power IoT cellular networks.

AT&T Control Center powered by Cisco gives businesses near real-time visibility of all the IoT devices on their network and helps mitigate security risks, identifies anomalies in data usage and optimises traffic classification reporting.

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Adding the capabilities of AT&T’s nationwide sub-6GHz 5G network enables enterprises such as manufacturing, automotive and entertainment to begin to take advantage of the higher bandwidth and lower latency currently available to more than 251 million people across the country.

Adding 5G opens the door to massive IoT connectivity that will create opportunities to transform retail, make autonomous vehicles and smart factories a reality, and revolutionise healthcare, the company said.

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