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Accelerated’s LTE Router to Enhance IoT Connectivity for Businesses

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Facilitating its line of connectivity products, Accelerated has added 6310-DX, a LTE business router to the list. It is said that the router will provide primary and failover LTE connectivity with added features. Talking about its applications, 6310-DX will suit the small businesses, convenience stores, retail chains and other organizations. Also, it will help carry out business within any location and at the same time will protect the investments from network disruptions. The DX makes use of Accelerated’s suite of CORE 1002-CM Plug-In LTE modems. These modems include dual SIM cards and Carrier Smart Select. 6310-DX can be upgraded as per latest LTE trends. Addressing network issues, the router utilizes CORE 1002-CM Plug-In modem thus eliminating the need for a full router replacement. The company feels that 6310-DX will provide support in network availability, including POS systems, mobile kiosks and digital signage.The 6310-DX platform will enable the customers select the suitable carrier for a given location. After the 6310-DX has been added to a network, the Ethernet devices will be able to utilize the LTE cellular connectivity.

Accelerated View, a cloud management portal, will help the businesses manage 6310-DX router. Making use of minimal amount of data, this includes proactive alerts, centralized configuration, remote firmware updates and location services. Accelerated View offers scalability, control over security and enables accessibility of Accelerated devices. Independent of business locations, the 6310-DX can be operated through device monitoring and management. 6310-DXs also features a Remote Mounting Kit. The kit further includes a battery pack that allows site surveys determine the best signal strength location. Apart from this, there is Passive Power over Ethernet injector for remote power and mounting accessories that monitor the performance of 6310-DX.

Rick Gretsch, Vice President of Product Management at Accelerated, said, Regardless of the size of the network and the type of business, downtime negatively impacts productivity, disrupts business services and causes financial losses. We are proud to offer the 6310-DX router which meets our goals of being affordable, fast and easy to install, reliable and remotely managed. The 6310-DX makes headaches related to downtime a thing of the past.” 

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