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Forcepoint Delivers Industry’s First Cloud User Activity and Insider Threat Monitoring

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  • Forcepoint introduced Dynamic User Protection that redefines modern user activity monitoring (UAM)
  • In 2020, there were over 400% increase in cyber attacks, out of these 95% were due to compromised user credentials and human error
  • Recently, the company announced Cloud Security Gateway SASE solution which will be delivered in early 2021

Global cybersecurity leader Forcepoint has announced the introduction of Dynamic User Protection that redefines modern user activity monitoring (UAM) and insider threat protection with the industry’s first cloud-native solution to deliver out-of-the-box functionality with no policy configuration. Through this capability, security teams are now empowered with real-time visibility into true risk behaviors of compromised and malicious users within hybrid cloud environments.

All security begins with visibility and the massive shift to remote work created blind spots into user activities with critical data and intellectual property in unmanaged home environments. Attackers have actively exploited this vulnerability with a 400% increase in cyberattacks in 2020, according to the FBI. Coupled with the reality that 95% of cybersecurity breaches are the result of compromised user credentials and human error, it is a competitive imperative today that businesses gain needed visibility to mitigate a data breach in real-time.

With Dynamic User Protection, user activity monitoring not only becomes easy-to-deploy it also brings mainstream enterprise access to continuous risk assessment across security control points. For example, utilizing Dynamic User Protection’s risk scores transforms the traditional audit-only mode Data Loss Prevention (DLP) deployment to become intelligent DLP by automating policy response based on level of risk while significantly reducing false positives. This ability to understand user risk in real-time across all control points becomes a cybersecurity game-changer for security teams, allowing global enterprises for the first time to seamlessly implement core Zero Trust and CARTA frameworks.

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Cloud Security Gateway SASE

“In this next phase of cybersecurity, managing risk across the cloud, network and endpoint will drive everything. With Dynamic User Protection, Forcepoint is changing the rules of the cybersecurity game by delivering global enterprises the ability to automatically enforce security policy across all control points tailored to a specific end-user based on the risk they represent,” said Nico Popp, Chief Product Officer at Forcepoint.

“Dynamic User Protection is the heart of our new converged cloud security platform with integration into Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention available today with future integration planned across the entirety of the Forcepoint portfolio, including our recently announced Cloud Security Gateway SASE solution which will be delivered in first-quarter 2021. This is the true power of human-centric cybersecurity realized today and it is powerful for every organization that desires the ability to prevent a data breach before it can occur”, Popp added.

Features offered

Forcepoint Dynamic User Protection brings mainstream UAM and insider threat protection with SaaS-based solution designed for the programmable cloud featuring lightweight agent, no policy configuration via built-in Indicators of Behavior and real-time analytics for complete view of risk activity to secure employees and critical data in today’s remote work era.

Intelligent Data Loss Prevention now enabled through Dynamic User Protection’s unified endpoint to deliver automated risk-adaptive policy enforcement and zero trust data access by leveraging individual risk scores to protect critical data and IP wherever it is accessed and used.

Human-Centric Cybersecurity Brought to Life as Dynamic User Protection underpins the Forcepoint cloud security platform to empower global enterprises with continuous risk assessment where risk drives policy across all control points; including Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention available today with future integrations planned throughout 2021.

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