Samsung Interested In Bringing More Smart Devices To India


With the arrival of 5G looming on the horizon, the coming future is set to see a surge in the demand for IoT based devices 

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South Korean tech giant Samsung believes India has a great potential for consumer IoT market and is thus planning to bring more connected appliances, whose demand will grow with the launch of 5G.

Sunggy Koo, vice president, Home IoT – Samsung, said that the company’s focus is on ensuring a better IoT experience for consumers. While the impact and acceptance of IoT is more in Western countries, the usage of IoT will definitely increase in countries like India with the introduction of 5G.

As per reports, the IoT market in India is about USD 5.6 billion with more than 200 million connected devices.This market is expected to grow to more than 2 billion devices by 2020.

Current scenario in India

Reliance Jio Infocomm, with its array of consumer durables and appliances and Bharti Airtel, with its home automation solution, are some huge Indian companies that are presently working on consumer IoT platform.

This is a commendable headstart. However, home automation innovation has just begun and its application has just started to find a wider acceptance among the industry.

Samsung intends to accelerate this and build a complete ecosystem in the country for smart consumer appliances and devices.