Atomberg Technologies Develops IoT Powered Smart Fan


The fan consumes one-third of electricity and helps Indian households to cut down upto 65 percent of power

Image courtesy Google

In order to solve the rising energy challenges in India, Atomberg Technologies, a startup founded by two IIT Bombay graduates – Manoj Meena and Sibabrata Das have developed a smart fan called Gorilla fan that runs on BLDC (Brushless DC) motor powered by IoT. The smart fan consumes less energy than a regular ceiling fan (one-third of household electricity supply or 28W as compared to 65-75W) and runs three times longer as compared to an inverter. This greatly helps Indian consumers bring down their electricity bills (Rs 1000- Rs 1500 per household each year).

How they did it

Initially, both the developers had to struggle a lot to find the right data acquisition and process control systems. After resolving that, they went on to create many projects related to motor control, electronics, software development and hardware design. This helped them to gain more knowledge about hardware design and manufacture and thus used to IoT create efficient BLDC motors that ran on less power.


For his work on creating effective power saving solutions, Manoj Meena was awarded ‘National Entrepreneurship Award’ by Govt of India in 2017. In the same year, the company was the winner of ‘Global Climate Solver Award’ organised by ‘WWF’ (World Wildlife Fund) and ‘Global CleanTech Innovation Program’ in Energy Efficiency category organised by ‘United Nations Industrial Development Organisation’ held in San Francisco, USA. The company was also given special recognition as ‘Champions of Change’ in the startup ecosystem by the Prime Minister of India and Niti Aayog.