ADLINK To Exhibit Edge IoT Smart Pallet Experience This Year

  • ADLINK Edge™ and ADLINK Vortex DDS™ Edge IoT solutions make digital and analog assets intelligent, including pallets and robots capable of communication.
  • Attendees to the exhibit will get a chance to experience ADLINK’s fast and accurate Edge IoT solutions.

ADLINK Technology, a global leader of Edge Computing that provides Edge IoT solutions will be debuting the Edge IoT Smart Pallet Experience at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2019.

ADLINK Edge and ADLINK Vortex DDS make intelligent pallets and robots to communicate with the world around them, thus enabling customers to increase pallet profitability, quality inspection, automation, and productivity within the distribution center and manufacturing floor.

Attendees can get hands-on experience with Edge IoT technology that makes pallets “smart” and robots “come alive”. They will also get the opportunity to interact with ADLINK Edge™ and ADLINK Vortex DDS™ to experience first-hand how to quickly solve AI and vision-based IoT challenges.   

 “Our Edge IoT solutions can help make conveyors smart, find missing inventory, automate bin picking, determine fill levels, connect robots and more − all in real-time,” says Daniel Collins, ADLINK IoT Director for North America. “By bringing AI to the edge we’re helping to automate warehouse logistics in a quick and cost-effective way that increases productivity and employee ergonomics. One of our customers decreased the time it takes to build a pallet by 41%, increasing total daily throughput by 200% without disrupting the way employees are used to working.”

Vibrant experience

The event will demonstrate machine vision, AI and robotics technology for warehouse distribution and manufacturing. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Intel’s IoT group, and robot maker Rover Robotics will also be participating.