Auriga Partners with Parasoft to Boost Test Automation Services

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This partnership enables Auriga clients to achieve reduced time-to-market by leveraging Parasoft’s automated software testing tool suite. 

The alliance between Parasoft and Auriga is a good news for embedded safety-critical software development organizations. Their combined expertise will help these organizations create and maintain stable, scalable and comprehensive software testing strategies, as well as ensure the safety and reliability of their products.

Parasoft is a global leader in software test automation for embedded, enterprise and IoT markets. Auriga is a leader in outsourced R&D for testing, including device prototyping and emulation; automated and interoperability testing and system validation and verification services.

With this partnership, Auriga clients would be able to achieve reduced time-to-market by leveraging Parasoft’s automated software testing tool suite, ensuring quality at each stage of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Parasoft and Auriga focus on helping organizations scale their test automation practice, with tools for static analysis and unit testing for Java, C/C++ and .NET development; application security testing; IoT-focused API testing and service virtualization.

Deliver high-quality software quickly and at low cost

In today’s competitive landscape, organizations face immense pressure to deliver high-quality software quickly and at a lower cost.

This new partnership brings together Parasoft’s automated testing solutions with Auriga’s consulting services, helping customers successfully face today’s most strategic development initiatives – such as safety-critical testing, continuous testing, Agile/DevOps and security.

“…To develop outstanding products, you need not only the right skills but also the right tools,” said Vyacheslav Vanyulin, CEO at Auriga.

“Parasoft’s tool suite is key for developing high-quality system products and creating pioneering prototypes. We are honoured to be recognized as a Parasoft partner and are very enthusiastic about the amazing support of Parasoft team,” he added.

David Hauck, Director of Embedded Sales at Parasoft, commented “With Auriga’s team beside us, we have a greater capability to assist in the safety-critical testing activities for which in-house teams have limited expertise.”

Parasoft claims that it is the only vendor that provides full support for AUTOSAR, CERT and other security standards.