Telit-IBM Platform Interoperability


Telit and IBM’s agreement can enable manufacturers and industrial businesses to utilise IoT and AI solutions

It has been announced that Telit’s deviceWISE IoT platform is now fully interoperable with the IBM IoT platform. The two companies aim at helping manufacturers and other businesses in accelerating industrial IoT deployments.

Combining IoT data and AI capabilities

The combination of the two platforms can give manufacturers and other industrial businesses options for near-instant onboarding of industrial products, systems and assets, and applying advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and application development.

The integration can allow a streamlined process of combining IIoT devices and applications along with real-time insights to IoT data and powerful AI-based capabilities including cognitive analysis, machine learningTelit-IBM Platform Interoperability, and natural language processing.

Potential benefits

This is an example of advancements in rapid onboarding and integrating of industrial devices and assets into the IoT, highlighting applications of device side experience and industrial technology and services expertise.

The agreement aims at enabling manufacturers and other industrial businesses to leverage the combined strength of solutions for IIoT and AI. The two companies intend to enhance deployment of solutions for monitoring and control, industrial automation, asset tracking and field service operations.