Software AG Acquires TrendMiner to Develop IoT Applications


Incorporation of discovery, diagnostic and predictive analysis to further the IoT portfolio

In order to present a combination of streaming and visual time-series analytics platform, Software AG has announced its acquisition of TrendMiner. The company aims at expanding its IoT portfolio and develop a dynamic market for IoT applications.

Building block in IoT applications

With this acquisition, the company makes an attempt at deploying TrendMiner’s plug-and-play software in its Cumulocity IoT and Industry 4.0 product portfolio. To strengthen its position in the IoT market, the company wishes to incorporate attributes of discovery, diagnostic and predictive analytics that the software can provide.

The acquisition is a plan to leverage the connected world. The software can enable the company to recognise patterns and trends in its process data. This can help in the identification of production irregularities and adoption of necessary adjustments.

Intended approach

It has been suggested that the IoT industry has reached a stage where the attention is drifting towards deployment. Further, it has also been indicated that commercial products have followed years of piloting and proof of concepts.

This acquisition has been made with the intention of creating a balanced approach while adopting the IoT within a certain project with three stages comprising data-driven actions, data-driven process integration, learning and innovating.