CommuniThings-Orange Partnership Proposes Smart Parking Solutions

smart parking

Users can view real-time parking occupancies and gain navigation instructions to available spots

The partnership between Belgium-based CommuniThings and Orange can lead to the launch of smart-parking solutions over NM-IoT technology for commercial use. The technology has been used to develop smart parking in the city of Liege.

Smart parking suggests convenience

The smart parking solution can allow the users to view real-time parking occupancy on their smartphone followed by navigation to the vacant spaces. After parking, the users are given intended 30 minutes of free parking to carry out their tasks.

It has been suggested that the parking controllers will be informed in real-time of the parking duration. The parking managers will be eligible for receiving statistics on usage patterns per parking and comparative analysis between periods.

The solution has been termed as “Shop & Drive” and aims at assisting commuters to find vacant parking space through a mobile application. The solution is based on Orange’s Mobile IoT network and proposes wireless sensors and open-data applications to serve residents, retailers and municipalities.