KonnectONE-Wearsafe Partner to Bring IoT Devices

iot devices

The partnership aims at addressing wireless operators and their requirement of cellular-enabled IoT devices

In order to bring IoT solutions to the cellular industry, KonnectONE has teamed with Wearsafe Labs. The collaboration aims at combining hardware and IoT software platform together.

Assets for wireless operators

The partnership aims at leveraging the software platform to provide personal safety and security IoT frameworks to cellular operators. The cloud platform has been designed to allow IoT devices to operate across cellular, BLE and wi-fi environments.

This intends to address the requirement of cellular-enabled IoT devices to improve the personal safety and well-being of users. Cellular-enabled IoT devices can provide mobility, freedom and security. The partnership can enable wireless operators to improve the speed-to-launch and create consistent customer experiences across the line of IoT devices.