Video DIY Tutorial: Home Automation and control using Hand Gesture


Importance of Gesture control

The internet of things  is rapidly transforming the destiny of devices which were placed at a corner with a specified task in our physical world. Now, they are able to interact and inter-operate with near by devices. It goes beyond the word “smart” if we think about it.  When we take into consideration the devices such as smart phones, tablets, PCs, TVs, smart watches, home automation kits etc. with respect to gesture control, they are leveraging the visual, sensor data, image processing using camera’s, human hand gesture, body movements etc for sending specific instructions to the devices to perform meaningful operations.

With that being said, there are various techniques to implement gesture control for controlling home appliances too. The interesting point with automating our home appliances is that it makes managing home effortless compared to manually intervening and providing instructions to machines. Hand gestures are simple and easy to implement while using electronic components which are mentioned in this tutorial. Since they use changes in motion through electronic sensors that readily available in market, any body essentially IoT enablers could give it a try.

Components of hand gesture automation tutorial

Gesture control
ADXL 335 Accelerometer
  • Arduino Uno R3 ATmega
  • LCD display
  • BULB
  • ADXL 335 Accelerometer
  • Power supply
  • DC fan
  • A hand Glove

How it works according to the developer in video

Controlling of appliances such as a fan and a light bulb has been described in this video. In a very simple manner using a hand glove attached to an accelerometer with a tape, the sensor senses the motion through the specific hand gesture that has been coded into the program to which it responds. While the user lifts his hand ,the fan gets switched on and vice versa. The Arduino Uno processes the signals and information provided by the movement of accelerometer. In a similar fashion, different hand gestures could be used to control the lighting system or any other appliance of choice.