Alexa for Business Gets Update to Support Products With Alexa Built-in


Alexa for Business now enables third party device makers to have their products be managed as shared devices

Device makers building with Alexa Voice Service (AVS) can now integrate their products with Alexa for Business and managed as shared devices across organizations.

Amazon has given an upgrade to its Alexa for Business by opening up the platform to third-party device makers who are building their own solutions that have Alexa built-in.

Launched last year, Alexa for Business is designed to introduce its voice assistant technology and Echo devices into a corporate setting. It lets customers efficiently introduce Alexa to their organizations and provides the tools to manage Alexa devices, users, and skills at scale.

“With a simple extension to the AVS Device SDK, device makers can leverage Alexa for Business to bring the power of voice to enterprises,” says Amazon.

The update will allow Alexa for Business customers to centrally manage and deploy supported products with Alexa built-in – whether it’s built by Amazon or third-party device makers.

Collin Davis, GM, Alexa for Business, noted that the update was made considering the request of customers using Alexa on Echo devices who asked them to enable the same experiences on their existing equipment.

Now, customers get all the benefits of Alexa for Business without having to install any new hardware, he added.

Amazon says it’s already working with popular brands like Plantronics, iHome, and BlackBerry, and solution providers like Linkplay and Extron on integrating Alexa into their own devices.

The company further claims that since its launch, Alexa for Business have been used by companies like Express Trucking, Fender, and Propel Insurance to add Amazon Echo devices to meeting rooms, workspaces, and other shared environments, enabling employees to interact with the technology at work using just their voice.