Smart Monitoring System For Water Treatment Applications


LMI Connect service provides real-time remote system access from desktop or mobile devices by connecting with Liquitron 7000 Controller

US-based controlled-volume metering pumps manufacturer LMI has launched its cloud-based LMI Connect smart monitoring service for water treatment applications.

Developed in partnership with AMI Global, this new wireless service works with LMI’s Liquitron 7000 Series Controller to bring remote monitoring and control to chemical metering pumps used in cooling towers, boiler feeds, and other industrial and municipal water treatment applications.

According to the company, the service provides real-time remote system access from desktop or mobile devices, by connecting with the Liquitron 7000 Series Controller via an embedded 4G/LTE cellular modem. Wireless data management, secure protocols, cloud storage, web portal, and the dashboard app (which works on iOS and Android devices) is provided for a turnkey solution for plant operators to deploy the software.

The LMI Connect service shows real-time status, and provides alerts that notify users of changes or interruptions in the process. System reports, which help operators manage applications and ensure compliance, can be customised and delivered daily, weekly or monthly as needed.

Each Liquitron 7000 Controller with LMI Connect service enables plant operators or water doctors to see a single controller – or the entire fleet – at a glance. If alarms trigger due to a failure, or an unexpected change in flow rates, the remote data and real-time information enables maintenance professionals to respond quickly.

“We’ve taken complexity out of controller applications and placed everything that operators need in the palm of their hands wherever they may be,” said Eric Pittman, Global Product Manager for LMI.

“By offering an integrated solution, we’ve streamlined set up to a few taps, to allow water treaters to focus on what they do best,” he added.

LMI manufactures Chemical Metering Pumps, pH/ORP Controllers and related accessories for water and wastewater treatment industries.