40 per cent of Organisations Plan to Increase Their IoT Spending in the Next Fiscal Year: Survey

Image for representation (Pic credit -queensu.ca)
  • Hybrid clouds are leading the way for IoT deployments
  • 22 per cent plan to start deploying IoT within the next two years
Image for representation (Pic credit -queensu.ca)

Open source pervades IoT with 60 per cent of companies factoring open source into their IoT deployment plans as per the IoT Commercial Adoption survey by the Eclipse Foundation. It also said that just under 40 per cent are deploying IoT solutions today and another 22 per cent plan to start deploying IoT within the next two years.

From seventh October to second December 2019, 366 individuals from a broad set of industries and organizations participated in the online survey. Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation said, “The Internet of Things is clearly one of the major technology trends today and a ubiquitous buzzword. This survey, which we hope will be the first of an annual tradition, seeks to provide real insights into what organizations are doing with the IoT right now and their plans for production deployments.”

Spend less than $100K in the next year

Anita Bunk, Bosch.IO’s open source advocate and head of marketing, associate and technical communications said, “This new survey aligns with our own insights into the IoT industry and how organizations are embracing open IoT platforms and commercial offerings based on open source. We are seeing growing interest in our Bosch IoT Suite offering that is built upon Eclipse IoT open source. Our customers benefit from the open and transparent development that accelerates their ability to deliver real business outcomes.”

The survey also said that 30 per cent of organisations plan to spend less than $100K in the next year. It also stated that 40 per cent of organisations are planning to increase their IoT spending in the next fiscal year.

As per the report, hybrid clouds are leading the way for IoT deployments. AWS, Azure, and GCP are taking the lead in cloud platforms for IoT implementations.