Microsoft Azure IoT Announced Its Integration with Cisco IoT

  • Azure IoT and Cisco IoT have integrated to give Software, Hardware and cloud solutions
  • The integration will illuminate business opportunities across industries
  • OPC-Unified Architecture (OPC-UA) and Modbus can be established

Both Azure IoT and Cisco IoT are known as leaders in the industrial IoT market, have decided to team up to share the availability of an integrated Azure IoT solution, that provides the necessary software, hardware, and cloud services for businesses that need to rapidly launch IoT initiatives and quickly realize their business value.

“This partnership between Cisco and Azure IoT will significantly simplify customer deployments. Customers can now securely connect their assets, and simply ingest and send IoT data to the cloud. Our IoT Gateways will now be pre-integrated to take advantage of the latest in cloud technology from Azure. Cisco and Microsoft are happy to help our customers realize the value of their IoT projects faster than ever before. Our early field customer, voestalpine, is benefiting from this integration as they digitize their operations to improve production planning and operational efficiencies”, says Vikas Butaney, Cisco IoT VP of Product Management.

OPC-Unified Architecture (OPC-UA) and Modbus can be established

By using software-based intelligence pre-loaded onto Cisco IoT network devices, telemetry data pipelines from industry-standard protocols like OPC-Unified Architecture (OPC-UA) and Modbus can be easily established via a friendly UI directly into Azure IoT Hub. This will help to illuminate business opportunities across many industries.

“At voestalpine, we are going through a digital journey to rethink and innovate manufacturing processes to bring increased operational efficiency. We face challenges to consistently and securely extract data from these machines and deliver the right data to our analytics applications. We are validating Cisco’s next-generation edge data software, Cisco Edge Intelligence along with Azure IoT services for our cloud software development. Cisco’s out-of-the-box edge solution with Azure IoT services helps us accelerate our digital journey”, says Stefan Pöchtrager, Enterprise Architect, voestalpine AG.

Services provided by the integration

Services like Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, and Microsoft Azure Notification Hub services can be used to quickly build IoT applications for the enterprise. Additional telemetry processing is also supported by Cisco through local scripts developed in Microsoft Visual Studio, where filtered data can also be uploaded directly into Azure IoT Hub. This collaboration provides customers with a fully integrated solution that will give access to powerful design tools, global connectivity, advance analytics, and cognitive services for analyzing IoT data.

With this integration the network devices infrastructure, IT, and operations teams can quickly take advantage of a wide variety of hardware and easily scalable telemetry collection from connected assets, to kick start their Azure IoT application development.