Renesas Synergy Further Simplifies Designing Industrial IoT Endpoint Devices


Renesas Synergy platform adds low power S5D3 MCU Group with advanced security for industrial IoT endpoint devices.

Renesas Electronics Corporation, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, on Wednesday announced expansion of its high integration Renesas Synergy S5 microcontroller (MCU) series with the introduction of the entry-level S5D3 MCU Group.

High integration MCUs simplify application development with secure cryptographic engine and synergy software package.

The four new S5D3 MCUs join the mid-range S5D5 and high-end S5D9 MCU Groups with similar S5 Series features—integrated 120 MHz Arm Cortex®-M4 core and advanced security—as well as general-purpose features that simplify designing cost sensitive, low power Internet of Things (IoT) endpoint devices.

The entry-level S5D3 MCUs target a broad range of industrial, building automation, and office equipment, as well as smart metering, and home appliances employing a capacitive touch human-machine interface (HMI).