Koltaka’s Tallest Building Becomes the Smartest with BuildTrack’s IoT Solutions


To provide upscale living to the residents,BuildTrack smart automation and IoT solutions have been installed across the whole building.

The tallest residential building in Eastern India named The 42,situated in Kolkata now turned into a smartest one in the city.

Mumbai based BuildTrack, one of the leading brands in smart automation & IoT products and solutions, has installed its home automation and building management solutions in the 62-storey residential marvel located at 42B Chowringhee Road, Kolkata.

BuildTrack smart automation and IoT solutions,function as a link between the apartments and  the entire building.It connects a whole host of systems including fire panel systems and access control systems. These systems include 24/7 vigilance facility with CCTV cameras, proximity card reader with boom barrier / bollard control, swipe card access to entrance lobby and lifts, biometric front door locks, and video door phone monitoring, fire detection, alarm and suppression systems as per fire-authority norms.

The smart solutions that are provided aim to provide unparalleled safety, security, convenience, comfort and energy efficiency in order to enhance the living experience for residents in the bungalow sized apartments at ‘The 42’.

The 42 may become poster-child for smart buildings

Balbir Khera, CEO, BuildTrack, said that they were confident that ‘The 42’ is on its way to becoming the poster-child for smart buildings not only in India but across the globe. They at BuildTrack are building the homes of modern India that are making a statement and bringing ‘Digital Dreams’ to reality.

Yashaswi Shroff, Director – Alcove Realty remarked that they were delighted to have BuildTrack’s state-of-the-art smart automation solutions providing the residents unparalleled safety and security in the facility and making it the smartest building in the city.

BuildTrack has done various projects for some of the prominent builders in India like Puraniks, Lokhandwala, Kalpataru and many more.