Micro Focus Robotic Process Automation Helps Ignite Enterprise Productivity


The product gives companies the power to build, secure and scale automated business processes, from legacy to modern, across the enterprise.

Micro Focus RPA (Source: Micro Focus)

The ability to integrate legacy systems is the key driver for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) projects, according to Gartner.

Considering this point, enterprise software company Micro Focus has introduced a new PRA product that enables organizations to quickly accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, while unlocking the value associated with past technology investments.

Micro Focus RPA gives companies the power to build, secure and scale automated business processes, from legacy to modern, across the enterprise.

It automates repetitive, error-prone UI-based human actions on legacy apps and integrates them with modern IT process automation in a single product.

“Micro Focus RPA delivers on key capabilities such as scalability, resiliency and security that our customers and partners demanded,” said Tom Goguen, the company’s Chief Product Officer.

He added, “It adapts to UI changes, automates UI and API-based applications, and includes real-time auditing and traceability, giving our customers the confidence to deploy RPA across the enterprise while providing for centralized governance and compliance for their digital workforce.”

Micro Focus RPA capabilities include:

Easy-to-use design studio: An intuitive design interface that allows users to easily record screen actions and design sophisticated end-to-end RPA workflows, visually or with code.

Cross-platform connections: A technology-rich product that combines UI automation with API and other integration methods to connect business processes spanning old and new applications.

Scalable robots: A worker-queue-based architecture to scale robots up or down as workloads change, making it possible to run hundreds or thousands of robots at once.

Centralized security: A centralized dashboard to manage the robots that have unique IDs and encrypted, role-based credentials.

Resilient robots: Advanced object recognition technology to detect UI changes and automatically adapt as needed, saving time on maintenance.

Thanks to cost-effective licensing, companies can also keep their RPA costs predictable and scalable.

Pricing starts at $15,000 USD per robot, with special pricing that extends to Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing and Operations Orchestration customers.

Longjam Dineshwori


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