India-based Enzen Group Invests $8 Million in Australian IoT Operator NNNCo


Enzen and NNNCo have joined forces to drive IoT technology and LoRaWAN adoption in Australia. 

 India-headquartered global energy and environment company, Enzen Group, has invested USD 8 million in the Australian Internet of Things (IoT) operator National Narrowband Network Co (NNNCo) as “strategic investment”.

In an official blog post, NNNCo announced that the fresh investment will be used to extend its carrier-grade Low Power Wide Area Network, enhance its enterprise software platform and expand its solutions into key vertical markets including energy, water, cities, logistics, mining, agriculture, property and health and safety.

Enzen Group has on-going projects in over 20 geographies and offices in seven countries, including an Australian head office in Adelaide with further presence in Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland.

NNNCo and Enzen Australia, which provides strategic advisory services and end-to-end solutions with a focus on energy, water and cities, will work together on a range of market opportunities to meet industry demand for IoT-led digital transformation across Australia.

Partnership to enable deployment of IoT solutions at scale

NNNCo Co-Founder and CEO Rob Zagarella noted that IoT has reached a tipping point and is primed to deliver its promise of productivity improvements, enhanced efficiencies and more sustainable operations for businesses and industries.

He is excited to work with Enzen Australia to solve larger challenges for customers and deliver a deeper value proposition.

“We’re able to connect sensors to just about anything from water mains pipes to streetlights to irrigation pumps,” Zagarella said.

“But more importantly, this investment and partnership with Enzen means we can now do that at scale, deliver useable data from infinite applications, and enable that data to be integrated into business operations for real-time optimisation,” he added.

He believes that there is a real opportunity for Australia to lead the world in the next wave of IoT digitisation and together with Enzen, NNNCo aims to be at the forefront of that.

Enzen Australia CEO, Dileep Viswanath, commented, “Our goal is to enable energy, water companies and cities in particular to make sustainable improvements to their efficiency and performance, and together with NNNCo we will work with industry and government to accelerate that transformation.”

NNNCo, which has gained strong traction in the IoT market since 2015, views its technology-agnostic enterprise software platform, N2N-DL, as key to its expansion plans.