Wadhwani AI Launches An AI-Based Tool For Farmers To Fight Crop Pests

  • The AI-based tool can help prevent damage worth crores of rupees.
  • Simple to operate using a smartphone and works offline as well.
Image courtesy Google

Developed by the Wadhwani Institute Of Artificial Intelligence, Mumbai, a new AI-based management tool is helping farmers of Maharashtra to combat the damage the pink bollworm pest is causing to their lands. The tool is currently being tested in collaboration with the Better Cotton Initiative and the government of Maharashtra.

How does it work?

The AI-based management tool detects the presence of pests based on the pictures taken by a farmer through a smartphone.

“The model has received tremendous response from the farmers. All they have to do is simply take pictures of the pest on the phones and with help of AI-enhanced image classification, the tool suggests the appropriate methods for tackling the problem such as the right pesticide to be used.”, said Raghu Dharamraju, VP (Products and Programmes), Wadhwani AI.

He added that due to poor internet connectivity in rural areas, this AI-based technology can also work offline. Thus, now crop damage worth crores of rupees can be prevented every year and farmers can breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Pink bollworm is a pest that is found in regions where large cotton plantations are present. It breeds in a warm climate and is known to be resistant to genetically modified cotton crops.

Other venture

In the field of healthcare, Wadhwani AI is developing another AI-based technology which will allow healthcare workers to examine the low birth weight of babies in rural areas. This technology will help in bridging the wide gap between the maternal and child health in rural India.