Visakhapatnam will Connect All Internet-Linked Devices

City Network
  • Vishakhapatnam is set to make a Smart City
  • NASSCOM claims that India hold 5 per cent global IoT share
  • Architects and engineers belief that IoT will create a lifestyle reliance on technology


Vishakhapatnam is planning to join the digital race and go ‘smart’ by connecting home-based applications with the support of IoT (Internet of Things). From, apartments, commercial buildings including hospitals to hotels, everyone is gradually adopting this technology with the primary purpose of enhancing security and conserving energy.

According to NASSCOM, the number of IoT devices in India is growing constantly, from 200 million units in 2016 to 2.7 billion units by 2020. NASSCOM claims that Installation of such devices will soon make India a leader within this space. The IoT market in the country is expected to reach US$ 15 billion by 2020, which accounts for 5 per cent of the total global IoT industry.

‘IoT will create a lifestyle reliance on technology’

In an interview, architects and civil engineers said that the trend of using IoT will become a constant for this generation and it will gradually transform the living experience with a huge reliance on technology.

“Innovation and invention are necessary to save time and energy and these materials are cost-effective, strong and eco-friendly; therefore leading to their adoption across multiple sectors. We suggest cost-effective and environment-friendly methods in our plans. Some accept them, while some don’t. But IoT will be the future of the construction sector” says Karuna Kumari, a senior architect with Anuhya Architects and Interiors in an interview with TOI.

“At present, it is mostly hospitals, villas, hotels and companies that are using IoT, primarily for security purposes. We hope that IoT in home appliances also make entry into domestic constructions like apartments and homes soon”, said Peela Koteswara Rao, executive member of Credai.

“I have ordered IoT-based home appliances, including a security system for my home and company. These will help save electricity and improve security”, says O Naresh Kumar, CEO of Symbiosis Technologies.