Two Startups From IIT-Madras Join Hands To Create AI Course In Regional Languages

  • AI course in regional languages will ease the understanding of complicated AI concepts among students from Tier 2,3 cities.
  • The online course is available at an affordable cost.

With AI emerging as the dominant next-generation technology, the possibility of machines reaching human-level performance for numerous tasks is becoming a reality. There is a huge demand for AI talent in India, but the supply is limited due to a shortage of affordable courses for students from different regional backgrounds.

Keeping this in mind, 2 startups from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras – GUVI (Grab Ur Vernacular Imprint) and One Fourth Labs are on a mission to create 1 Lakh Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning experts by the year 2020.

The collaboration

As the content partner, One Fourth Labs will offer an online AI course that is based on the Indian Context. This will help students to grasp complicated concepts related to AI without much difficulty. Good knowledge of high school mathematics and Python programming is all that is required to become an AI and Deep Learning expert through this course.

GUVI will be offering an ed-tech platform for students from Tier 2,3 cities to undertake this course. GUVI offers technology skills in regional languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Bengali and Arabic besides English. The learning platform is powered using AI which gathers daily user data and accordingly customises a student‘s learning process.

S P Balamurugan, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, GUVI, said, “Students can sign up at to access this ‘Deep Learning’ course. IIT Madras professors have created the course content on the platform. Coding contests will be conducted periodically with the top performers rewarded through the platform. Periodic Assessment will be conducted in GUVI platform to issue the certificates upon Course completion. The learning history of the individual will be maintained as part of his GUVI profile which the users can share with the Employers. The platform is gamified to keep the learners attentive and to ensure the learners complete the course.”

Mitesh Khapra, Co-founder, One Fourth Labs and Faculty Member, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Madras, said, “This first iteration of our course was a resounding success with extraordinary feedback from participants. We want to take this course to a much larger audience while maintaining affordability.”