Tata Communications’ IoT Marketplace Brings Together IoT Players in a Single Platform


The online B2B marketplace will enable diverse customers from the government, public sector companies, enterprises, and startups to choose from a range of offerings and services on a plug-and-play model.  

Digital infrastructure provider Tata Communications on Wednesday launched an Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace – a first-of-its-kind initiative in India to strengthen and accelerate the country’s growing IoT ecosystem.

This IoT marketplace will bring together IoT practitioners and enterprise customers on a single platform, the company said in a release on Wednesday.

This will enable enterprise customers to tailor their IoT solutions and drive innovation within their business while enabling vendors and partners on the platform to discover new market opportunities, it added.

According to Frost & Sullivan, the enterprise IoT market in India is expected grow at a compound annual growth rate of 35 per cent through 2023, quadrupling the market by then.

Unlocking the power of IoT in India

The company noted that despite a large number of solution providers and system integrators, Indian enterprises have not been able to fully leverage the opportunities due to lack of standardisation, interoperability and connectivity in the IoT market.

Tata Communications’ IoT Marketplace is an attempt to bridge this gap and scale IoT adoption in India. It aims to bring together different partners from device manufacturers, software developers to startups and system integrators to deploy and manage IoT solutions, under one single platform.

The IoT Marketplace will enable diverse customers from government/public sectors to enterprises and startups to choose from a range of offerings and services on a plug-and-play model, enabling them to leverage IoT solutions to address their custom requirements.

“By bringing together best-of-breed IoT players on one online B2B marketplace, we are breaking new ground in the journey to unlock the power of IoT in India,” said Alok Bardiya, Head – Internet of Things (Business Unit), Tata Communications.

Tata Communications has an LPWAN-based IoT network. Till now, the company has rolled out its network in 45 cities, with more cities planned for implementation over the next two years.

Tata Communications’ IoT Marketplace can be accessed at https://iot.tatacommunications.com