Saankhya Labs’ 5G Broadcast to Help Unchoke Mobile Networks from Video Traffic


Direct to Mobile TV, another solution from Saankhya, will allow mobile devices to receive terrestrial Digital TV

Saankhya Labs, India’s leading wireless communication system and transformative technology solutions provider, have developed two new solutions for next generation communication technologies – 5G Broadcast and Direct to Mobile TV(DTM).

5G Broadcast is the next generation communication technology that is based on the convergence of Broadcast and Broadband networks. This solution will enable telecom service providers to offload video traffic from their mobile network onto the ‘cellularized’ broadcast network.

Thus, it will help decongest mobile spectrum use by offloading the video traffic that accounts for maximum data use. Further it will improve usage of mobile spectrum and increase the user experience by freeing bandwidth which will help reduce call drops, increase data speeds, etc.

Apart from helping the mobile operators to free up bandwidth, this solution will also help broadcasters to monetize their broadcast spectrum by reaching millions of additional mobile subscribers.

5G Broadcast has a variety of applications such as, multimedia and entertainment including HD TV to Mobile devices, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR and AR) Services. It can be a very effective solution for emergency broadcast services, internet of things, various automotive applications such as Firmware Upgrade Over the Air (FOTA), broadcast of mapping and GIS data for driverless vehicles, automotive infotainment, etc.

Direct to Mobile TV

Direct to Mobile TV (DTM), another solution from Saankhya, will allow mobile devices to receive terrestrial Digital TV.

With this solution, people can now watch Free to Air Linear TV such as live sports, news, etc, on mobile devices without buffering and without a data network.

Both the technology solutions i.e. 5G Broadcast and Direct to Mobile TV are powered by Saankhya’s indigenous Pruthvi-3 Chipsets based on award winning and patented SDR architecture. Launched last year in December by Manoj Sinha, Minister of State for Communications, Pruthvi-3 is a fully programmable multi-standard chipset that supports next generation communication standards.

Parag Naik, Co-Founder and CEO, Saankhya Labs, said, “The majority of the content on mobile devices is in the form of videos. This exponential rise in video consumption poses a great challenge to network operators who are looking at efficient video delivery solutions. The offload of videos from broadband to broadcast under the 5G broadcast aims to resolve this issue.”

Saankhya Labs is working on several other next generation technology developments, including a futuristic Cognitive RAN solution that can help build a more open and better mobile device eco system beyond 5G, Naik added.

(With inputs from PTI)