ON Semiconductor Addresses Rising Power Demands Of IoT Products


The new IEEE 802.3bt standard optimises power management efficiently for Power over Ethernet (PoE) products 

ON Semiconductor, a leading supplier of semiconductor-based solutions, has incorporated the new IEEE 802.3bt standard for its growing portfolio of Power over Ethernet (PoE) products and technologies. This integration can be used to deliver high-speed connectivity over Local Area Network (LAN) connections and several telecommunication systems.

Potential to transform

The IEEE 802.3bt standard optimises energy management which enables Powered Devices (PDs) to communicate their power needs to the Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE). This in turn allows each PSE to allocate the right amount of power to each PD, thus making proper usage of the available energy. This standard has the potential to transform every vertical market related to IoT.

As compared to the previous IEEE 802.at standard, the IEEE 802.3bt provides both power and connectivity to applications with a robust ‘plug and play’ user experience.

“Power over Ethernet is one of the fastest-growing markets for power semiconductors today, with a compound average unit growth rate of 14% expected from 2017 through 2022,” said Kevin Anderson, senior analyst, power semiconductors at business information provider IHS Markit. “The additional power-delivery capability defined in IEEE 802.3bt enables new applications, such as higher-powered connected lighting, networked high-resolution surveillance cameras and high-performance wireless access points.”

Exciting features

Forming the foundation of ON Semiconductor’s PoE-PD solutions, its several components incorporate features such as detection, auto-classification and current limiting in PoE.

“As a company focused on energy efficiency, we are really excited to help PoE achieve its full potential,” commented Ryan Cameron, Vice President of Industrial and Off-Line Power Solutions at ON Semiconductor. “By providing a complete family of IEEE 802.3bt compliant solutions, we have made the technology more accessible for all development engineers which will help enable many more connected devices with guaranteed interoperability.”

The above news is taken from a PR initially published on ChipsNWafers website of EFY. It can be viewed here.