New Rugged, Real-time Analytics AIoT Platform For Railway

  • Advanced AIoT solutions for rail transportation is enabling developers to create a variety of applications that can deliver true value and performance.
  • Offers not only a field-proven, cost-effective and extensive commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) portfolio, but also a variety of fast time-to-market custom solutions with best-in-class ODM capabilities.
PIS-5500 AIoT Platform

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being adopted globally by all industries to bring efficiency, improve productivity and reduce costs. Fueled by intelligence from AI-driven systems and applications, railway operations are day-by-day becoming safer, smarter and more reliable, thus significantly enhancing passenger travel experience and freight logistics services. These AI-driven applications only function with proper data input that is collected by massive numbers of Internet of Things (IoT) devices installed in stations, on trains, and along tracks. And such a successful implementation of such rail applications requires a seamless integration of AI and IoT technologies.

The Solution

ADLINK, a global leader in Edge Computing, has become the premier supplier of this solution for the rail market.

According to Crystal Tseng, ADLINK senior product manager, technologies such as AI, IoT and edge computing are bringing enormous opportunities for rail transportations. AI can transform traditional rail operations by driving improvements including fast and convenient ticket-free check-in, accurate arrival-time predictions, personalized infotainment and onboard services, real-time track heath diagnostics, and rapid response in an emergency.


Powered by an Intel® Core™ i7 processor and integrated NVIDIA Quadro GPGPU module, ADLINK’s EN50155 certified PIS-5500 AIoT Platform is not only ruggedized for both wayside and onboard deployment, but also provides an ideal edge solution for real-time video/graphic analysis applications that are vital to today’s increasingly complex railroad operations. The target applications include but are not limited to:

  • Passenger Information Systems
  • Railroad Intrusion Detection
  • Train Station Surveillance
  • Onboard Video Security
  • Railroad Hazard Detection

ADLINK’s PIS-5500 is being tested and deployed commercially by leading rail system integrators worldwide.

How It Works

The intelligent platform is installed on special rail inspection trains to process captured images of key wayside equipment in real-time. With a sophisticated algorithm driven by parallel computing and deep learning, the application can effectively identify potential equipment faults at a train speed of 120km/h, and raise the alarm to notify maintenance crews.

In another application, the PIS-5500 is used in a train station control office to analyze the real-time video stream received from the platform. The application is able to not only detect suspicious behaviors and trigger alerts, but also conduct post-event analysis.