IBM’s Watson Decision Platform To Bolster The Indian Agricultural Sector


The AI and IoT based technology can give farmers a better insight on how to improve profitability and yield larger harvests

The Union Agriculture Ministry, Government of India, on Wednesday signed a Statement of Intent (SoI) with IBM India to provide weather forecasts and soil moisture information to farmers, through Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This move will greatly assist farmers in taking informed decisions regarding water and crop management and thus highly boost productivity.

Under the project, a pilot study will be undertaken in three districts: Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal, Gujarat’s Rajkot and Maharashtra’s Nanded.

IBM’s Watson Decision Platform

Through industry expertise and decades of research, IBM came out with the Watson Decision Platform in 2016 for weather forecasting. Since then, it has grown to comprise a suite of tools and solutions to meet the ever-increasing agricultural needs.

The Watson Decision Platform combines the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and predictive analysis that enables growers to easily visualise data and alerts related to weather, soil conditions and crop stress.

Some of its features include:

  • High-speed yield forecast
  • Disease and pest indication
  • Using geospatial and satellite data for crop health monitoring
  • Real-time soil moisture measurement