Connected IoT Building Solution Simplifies Digital Transformation Challenges

  • Black Box has introduced solutions and services called Connected Buildings  for enhancing smart digital experiences
  • It is enabled by several faster, more robust technologies such as 5G/CBRS, Wi-Fi, edge, AI and cybersecurity

Black Box, a global solutions integrator, has introduced Connected Buildings — a suite of solutions and services that enhance smart digital experiences in buildings with IoT technology. Black Box designs, deploys, manages and maintains the foundational technology that connects the internal ecosystem of interoperable devices and sensors that work together to enable human-to-human, human-to-device and device-to-device interaction. Black Box’s Connected Buildings services help modernise IT infrastructure, solve in-building connectivity challenges and link clients’ devices at locations around the world. 

“Demand for the IoT building is growing exponentially. Now more than ever, our customers need spaces that are interactive, adaptive, automated and secure,” said Doug Oathout, senior vice president, Portfolio and Partnerships, Black Box. “At Black Box, we apply our broad portfolio of IT solutions to take the complexity out of connected buildings and make it simple for our customers by giving them one trusted partner to handle their IT services. Whether updating hundreds of existing locations or outfitting one location from the ground up, our team of project managers, engineers and technicians work with our clients to craft a solution that creates consistent customer experiences and reliable communications at every location.” 

Range of technologies and services

The Black Box Connected Building is enabled by several faster, more robust technologies: 

  • 5G/CBRS and Wi-Fi augment existing wireless systems and create fully connected buildings.
  • Edge networking and data centres collect data where it’s created and combine it with AI to make smarter devices.
  • Implements cybersecurity for governance and assessments, incident and event monitoring, endpoint detection and response, and VPN and firewall services. 

The Connected Building service offering includes assessment, consulting and project management, coupled with on-site services for configuration, staging, installation and logistics. Black Box accomplishes this with four solution offerings: 

 • Multisite Deployments. The Black Box team handles large-scale national/global installations and provide uniform IT at hundreds or thousands of sites. 

IoT Deployments. The explosion in IoT solutions is enhancing the user experience for both customers and colleagues. The Black Box team supplies and installs cameras, digital signage, POS, sensors and other in-building IoT technologies.

 • Structured Cabling and Networking enable seamless digital experience. The Black Box team ensures that clients have the infrastructure necessary to support future bandwidth requirements. 

Digital Transformation for seamless user experiences. With thousands of certifications and technicians, Black Box manages the implementations and deployments that drive global transformation. 

“With Connected Buildings, our role is to simplify IT for our clients — especially in complex enterprises and when they have little or no remote IT support — all while helping them meet the device deployment challenges inherent in digital transformation,” Oathout added. “The results speak for themselves: IT operations managers who have chosen Black Box as their digital transformation partner have cut project costs by more than 33%, slashed the time for retrofitting existing locations from years to months and experienced the same high-quality results whether they’re based in Mexico City; Mumbai, India or Memphis, Tennessee.”