An Exciting Proposition By Vodafone Ireland For The Growth Of IoT

  • Recent figures from Vodafone Ireland show a huge growth in connectivity for IoT technology with some 375,000 global connections at the end of 2018, a rise of 35 per cent from 2017.
  • This trend has continued well into this year with a rise in connections of 15 to 20 per cent in the first few months of 2019.
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IoT has become perhaps the most widely used technology of this 21st century that is essential for providing a robust communication system and drive the processes of various industrial sectors to new heights.

And with the telecom oprerators reporting a significant rise in the adoption of IoT technology across the Republic Of Ireland, the country’s telecom service provider, Vodafone Ireland has introduced a new app development platform which allows for the creation of Internet of Things (IoT) focused solutions for the industry. 
Its benefits
Debbie Power, IoT country manager at Vodafone Ireland commented that this initiative will help establish the IoT landscape by providing connectivity, insights, hosting and a fully managed service to several businesses and app developers.
She also added that this move by Vodafone will assist in removing the barriers to digitalisation and give businesses access to the latest technology.


In 2018, Vodafone Ireland announced plans to give Irish businesses access to its global “IoT Express” network that will allow them to develop and test new products and services.