Altair’s IoT Chipset Incorporated Into Automotive Tracking Device

  • The IoT chipset’s low power consumption helps maintaining the device’s long battery life.
  • The chipset’s small size enables easy installation and low cost.

Altair Semiconductor, the leading provider of cellular IoT chipsets, has implemented one of its cellular IoT chipset, the ALT1250, for powering the new PassTime Encore automotive tracking device.

Low power consumption and long battery life

Altair’s IoT chipset provides ultra-low power consumption that helps maintain the PassTime Encore unit to continue functioning for several years with only a small internal battery. This small battery is the reason behind PassTime Encore unit’s wireless, small size. This allows users to place the device almost anywhere inside a car in without any professional assistance and can track the vehicle throughout its lifetime. This also reduces logistical challenges and overall costs in vehicle tracking.

“Encore is a revolutionary product for auto dealers, auto finance companies, and car fleets,” said Todd Goodnight, EVP of Product Management at PassTime. “It was enabled by Altair, the only vendor capable of delivering a cellular IoT chipset with the multiyear battery life in the chassis size our solution required.”  

“The Encore is a really innovative application of our chipset,” said Dima Feldman, Head of Product Marketing at Altair Semiconductors. “It utilizes the ultra-low-power consumption and compact size of the ALT1250 to facilitate vehicle tracking and opens new opportunities in the vehicle telematics market.”

Now commercially available, Altair’s advanced cellular IoT chipsets feature hardware-based security framework and a rich set of host, peripheral and sensor interfaces that is ideal for a range of industrial and consumer IoT applications.