TAITRONICS and AIoT 44th Event Edition in Taiwan in this October


TAITRONICS, the professional trade show has come up with its 44th edition for opportunities in the Electronics industry in Taiwan. To ensure the freshest taste of AIoT, TAITRA organized the first Taiwan International AIoT Show – AIoT Taiwan. It’s part of an ambitious bid to bring global heavyweight buyers together with companies, both large ones, and startups, to create a new smart electronics ecosystem.

The global electronics industry is now moving from simple mass production, technology-oriented development mode to multi-integrations of innovative applications and customized manufacturing and services. Gartner, the information technology research and advisory company, predicts the electronic component distribution for 2018 is expected to have an optimistic outlook for growth.

Taiwan is the engine of the world’s electronics industry. According to the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association’s statistic data, in 2017, the export of Taiwan’s ICT and electronics industry amounted to 152.7 billion US dollars, accounting for more than 40% of Taiwan’s total export. In addition, Taiwan is among the world’s top 3 in printed circuit boards, passive components, connectors, battery modules, LED components, IC boards and more. It is clear that Taiwan is striving for an innovative and highly sophisticated electronics industry and continues to grasp on this advantage.

The island country has been taking a behind-the-scenes role in innumerable business success stories around the world as many of its manufacturers in the field of semiconductors, automation, artificial intelligence, hardware and software integration, biotechnology and information & communication technology have been supporting world tech leaders to convert their concepts into reality and into profitable businesses. Intelligent process automation primarily focuses on automating and optimizing business processes that involve people and documents — not processes related to manufacturing automation. The technology is creating essential capabilities that improve business process automation by addressing workflow, forms, and mobile apps. It also is expanding into new and emerging areas, such as the robotic process automation process, and machine intelligence, and AI and machine learning. On the other hand, the AI ecosystem continues to expand and evolve while IoT devices proliferate. The two transformative technologies converge to form AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) or also referred to as the next generation of IoT.

Taiwan has become a hotbed of AI research in recent times. To that end, Taiwan’s government launched the Asia Silicon Valley Development Plan in September 2016. The initiative has the twin goals of boosting Taiwan’s internet of things (IoT) industry as well as giving extra support to the country’s startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem. Taiwan offers world-class talent. Along with the world’s top hardware manufacturing capacity, the country attracts global tech giants such as Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to set up AI R&D and innovation centers in Taiwan.

The partnerships are set to create a comprehensive ecosystem of startup innovation, which will help pioneer the shift from traditional industries into digital markets in Taiwan. TAITRONICS is getting behind the tech industry’s accelerating shift toward AI and IoT. The interested participants can visit TAITRONICS and AIoT Taiwan on October 9-12.