Sensor Network on Golf Courses

sensor network

This startup aims at creating a sensor network to bring golf courses into IoT

Several golf club owners and operators and the PGA have teamed up with a startup FairwayIQ to bring golf courses into the internet of things using sensors, software and a LoRa network.

Choice of LoRa network

The team intends to create a sensor network on golf courses to help with everything from tracking players to figuring out where to plant trees. Additionally, the startup provides a part of its software algorithms that can be customised for golf course owners’ needs.

The team suggested that the use of a LoRa network to connect the sensors is due to the weak cellular connectivity at golf courses. The choice of LoRa networks is also an attempt at offering a good battery life.  

Present functioning

It has been reported that presently, the sensors are placed on mowers or golf carts to allow tracking of players and golf equipment. These can also enable the staff to schedule maintenance.

Tracking lawn equipment can not only help course managers schedule course maintenance, but understand trends in both plant growth and worker efficiency.

Customers already using the system include Sharon Heights in Silicon Valley and Potomac Shores in Washington. The start-up plans to branch out from golf courses and expand to other turf maintenance customers in the upcoming years.