IoT To Advance the Hospitality Segment


Oyo’s acquisition of Mumbai-based IoT company AblePlus can allow an integration of intelligence and management

Hospitality company OYO has acquired IoT technology company AblePlus. The acquisition is a step towards improving the technology portfolio of the hospitality segment and use AI for hotel management.

Incorporation of IoT

The acquisition is an attempt to introduce IoT into the fundamentals of hotel management. The company has claimed that the implementation of IoT-enabled operations can enable customers to experience self-check-ins supported by the digital arrival and departure register.

It has been mentioned that provisions like smart locks managed by IoT server can enhance operational efficiency. The company also envisions asset-tracking and carbon footprint reduction with the upcoming technologies.

Future prospects

The company has described its outlook on the big picture as an integration of technology with hospitality management. It aims at introducing voice-based assistance in rooms to control automated devices along with guest entertainment programmes.

The acquisition can allow the company to develop the technology provisions of AblePlus. This can help the company move towards the application of intelligence for the perceived requirements of users.