Exclusive Partnership to Enhance IoT Portfolio


Onecom will collaborate with Sony Mobile Communications to bring to market further IoT services

An exclusive UK partnership agreement between Onecom and Sony Mobile Communications intends to provide, support and develop the Onecom’s IoT portfolio of products and services. The agreement makes an attempt at delivering a range of IoT solutions for use in cross-vertical applications.

Agreement proposes the first service

According to the agreement, the first service to be proposed is Sony’s next-generation real-time location system (RTLS) – a cloud-based application delivering contextual awareness and operational intelligence to improve quality management and optimise workflow.

Using low energy Bluetooth beacon technology, mobile assets, employees and visitors can be tracked in real time to improve security, utilisation, decrease capital expenditures, reduce equipment loss, optimise capacity and increase productivity.

Probable IoT advancements

The agreement suggests a collaboration to provide IoT solutions for use in applications including manufacturing and supply chain, freight and transportation, healthcare, programmed service and maintenance, infrastructure and the public sector.

The collaboration can enhance the portfolio of IoT solutions and add value to the businesses of customers. The solutions may consist of fixed line voice, data and connectivity solutions.