Evaluate IoT Networks with Handheld Devices


This range of measurement devices can allow operators to check IoT network coverage and connection quality

With the Nemo IoT Meter and Nemo Handy IoT solutions, Keysight Technologies has made expansions in its handheld field measurement solutions. These can help network operators and service providers to test networks in the field and ensure the coverage and service quality of networks.

Assessment of IoT services

The Handy IoT solutions are professional handheld field test solutions that can allow operators to access in-depth information on their IoT network’s key performance indicators (KPIs). Some of the KPIs measured consist of coverage, quality, and detailed log files from active field testing.

Capable of running on a regular Android-based measurement tool, the handheld measurements can verify IoT service quality without any location specifics for the customers. It is connected through a Narrowband-IoT or LTE-M dongle.

An asset for installation companies

The measurement tools can enable technical and sales staff in installation companies to evaluate whether networks are meeting set requirements and to check if IoT services are being offered to end customers considering their applications. This is a step towards moving beyond LTE network coverage availability being the only sign of smooth running of an IoT service.

The results can also be post-processed further with analytics tools. The entire portfolio is a set of handheld solutions for IoT network measurements and can be used in mission-critical and consumer-based IoT in order to accelerate installations.