Cyber Security Firm DigiCert Looking to Scale Up India Presence


Banking, healthcare and telecom will be the key sectors that will drive growth for encryption and security certification, says Ray Garnie – Senior Vice President of Sales, DigiCert. 

US-based technology company DigiCert, which provides identity and encryption solutions for enterprises, is planning to strengthen its presence in India and broaden base to enhance security across web and internet of things (IoT) for Indian companies.

Speaking to Telangana Today, Ray Garnie – Senior Vice President of Sales, DigiCert – says the company sees growth in India. He noted that as both the government and private sectors are looking for digital adoption and transformation, a need for digital security has been created.

According to him, banking, healthcare and telecom will be the key sectors driving growth for encryption and security certification.

DigiCert’s India operations

DigiCert operates a large engineering team (consisting of 90 members) in Bengaluru and smaller teams scattered across India mostly through its partner ecosystem, including Hyderabad. The company also has sales teams in India.

Earlier this year, DigiCert acquired QuoVadis, which has a strong presence in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) market. As several Indian companies do business across the Europe, Garnie says, the acquisition will help serve the Indian enterprises and banking sector could be one of the major beneficiaries.

In the next 2-3 months, DigiCert plans to work on post-quantum cryptography (which uses algorithms to secure against an attack by a quantum computer). The company plans to add this to its certificates for validation purposes.