Collaboration Tools Will Change How Teams Work in 2019

(image credits - pixabay)

Indrajit Belgundi, General Manager, Client Solutions Group, Dell India, predicts that employees and teams will be able to collaborate and create in real-time through Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences

(image credits – pixabay)

We are living in times which are defined by dramatic progress in work and life. How people live their lives and do their jobs is becoming indistinguishable. Enterprises wish to support their workforce with capabilities and exhilarating work experiences that ‘they’ want, and literally transform the way they work.

This could be at a physical environment or one which is virtual. Technology is becoming a key enabler for current and future workforce, whether they are geographically and culturally distributed, or going beyond language barriers where the power of AI delivers performance. It is worth mentioning here that the use of augmented reality is also helping in increasing creativity at work.

Indrajit Belgundi, General Manager, Client Solutions Group, Dell India, made some interesting predictions with respect to workforce transformation in the coming times.

AR/VR will bring more on-site learning and creativity to the workplace

Indrajit Belgundi, General Manager, Client Solutions Group, Dell India

Indrajit said, “Leaps in Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) have been made over the course of 2018 to create more immersive, enhanced visual experiences – and as a result, we’ll see increased adoption in the workplace during 2019.  On-site training opportunities and the ability to access data in real-time at the edge will not only fill skills gap across certain trades and industries, but will also give the workforce even more freedom to do their best work without tethering from the workplace.”

He continued, “Further, employees will be able to collaborate and create, in real-time through AR and VR experiences, bringing everyone into one virtual environment as if they’re all physically working together.”

Collaborations will break out from the meeting invite

While the notion of working from 9 to 5 has long evaporated in a world where connectivity and productivity are possible from even the most remote locations, the calendar invite still rules where and when we get together. Indrajit sees this changing faster than we think.

Indrajit, about future workforce collaborations through the use of technology said, “That’s all changing as we have the ability to quickly grab a colleague based overseas through new collaboration tools that allow us to make video calls and share files in real time.”

He continued, “2019 will witness advanced collaborations as more enterprises adopt web-based collaboration tools, and device technologies take advantage of advances in wi-fi connectivity and computing power to get more done, better, faster – together.”