After Bengaluru, Signify Launches Interact IoT Platform in New Delhi


Signify claims to have installed 29 million connected light points worldwide till date. By 2020, it plans to make all its new LED products connectable.

Mr. Sumit Joshi, CEO, Signify Innovations Limited, at Interact Launch

A move to enable its customers to get the full potential of connected lighting system,Signify formerly known as Philips Lighting has recently launched its Internet of Things (IoT) platform, called Interact in New Delhi. The platform was first introduced in Bengaluru in December 2018.Interact was designed to handle large volumes of data collected by the growing number of connected light points, sensors and devices, as well as systems.

The Interact IoT Platform enables connected LED lighting systems and embedded sensor networks to deliver insights, benefits and new services to customers, thus helping them drive operational efficiencies and take more effective decisions.

Signify, which has already installed 29 million connected light points worldwide, plans to make all its new LED products connectable by 2020.

Benefits beyond illumination

According to the official source,this secure, scalable cloud-based Interact platform uses data management and data processing capabilities, including machine learning (ML) to offer data-creating and data-enabled services for customers, delivering benefits beyond illumination.

It also offers a growing suite of licensed open application program interfaces (APIs)to encourage innovation from third-party developers, development partners and customers enabling various data enabled services to be developed.This platform can also analyse data from authorized third-parties and can help in creating efficient buildings by enabling businesses to understand how office spaces are used.

Interact connected lighting systems

The connected lighting systems offered by Signify feature applications that address industry-specific verticals. While Interact Office enables user to turn office into a smart sustainable workspace, Interact City can help improve street lighting, safety and reduce energy consumption.

Signify also offers other systems include Interact Retail, Interact Landmark, Interact Sports and Interact Pro.

Sumit Padmakar Joshi, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Signify Innovations India Limited stated that at first they led the way in energy efficient LED lighting, then in connecting lighting to deliver operational benefits for our customers. Now the light points are smart enough to collect data on their performance and the environment around them, they are tapping into that intelligence.

Philips Lighting came to be known as Signify from May 16, 2018. The new name will be adapted in India from this year.