ADLINK-FogHorn Partnership to Advance IIoT


ADLINK-FogHorn partnership can be a move towards developing the DXS IoT digital experiments as-a-service and IIoT-based initiatives

In order to expand its DXS IoT digital experiments as-a-service, ADLINK Technology has partnered with FogHorn Systems. This can be a potential development in the integration of IoT-based functionality within new business models or processes.

Development in the IIoT sphere

ADLINK DXS intends to offer testing of potential IIoT-based initiatives to determine the viability of possible solutions without the risks associated with a full solution commitment. It provides organisations with help in digital experimentation and enables evaluation of experiments, resulting in blueprints that can be replicated, scaled up and rolled out.

The partnership can bring another dimension to IIoT by embedding edge intelligence locally, as close to the source of streaming sensor data as possible. This can be implemented due to attributes including real-time, CEP-based streaming analytics, edge to cloud iterative ML, enhanced security posture and cloud-agnostic.

The partnership can eventually provide organisations with the tools to model multiple IIoT use cases. The extensions can bring technical and economic benefits into the modelling of the projects.