Rockwell Automation to Help Indian Manufacturers Bridge Industry 4.0 Skill Gaps

  • There is a huge skills gap in the India’s workforce when it comes to operating Industry 4.0 technologies.
  • Rockwell Automation will offer e-learning and instructor-led courses and training workstations to help India build the workforce of tomorrow

Rockwell Automation will help partner manufacturers in India equip their workforce better in working with changing technologies and bridge Industry 4.0 skill gaps by offering e-learning, instructor-led courses, certificate programs and training workstations.

The industrial automation firm announced it on the concluding day of the Rockwell Automation 2019 TechEd India.

Speaking at the technology educational event, Dilip Sawhney, Managing Director, Rockwell Automation India, pointed out that India is witnessing a shift towards smart factory shop floors designed to boost productivity, improve quality and optimise costs to help companies stay competitive.

However, he said, there is also a huge skills gap in the country’s workforce when it comes to operating Industry 4.0 technologies.

“This must be addressed at both the corporate and government policy levels to accelerate India’s digital transformation and achieve our collective vision of becoming a $5 Trillion economy by 2024,” he suggested.

Need investment in smart manufacturing, skilled workforce

Joe Bartolomeo, Vice President Enterprise Accounts & Software Sales, Rockwell Automation also highlighted the importance of investing in smart manufacturing and production to remain competitive on a global scale.

He explained that with a growing consumer market demanding more choice, manufacturers needed to embrace new technologies to address changing requirements.

Industrial IoT is estimated to have an economic impact of 4.6 trillion dollars by 2025 as new technologies including analytics, mobility, app platforms and the cloud, help securely connect plant information with enterprise systems.

“In addition to investing in the right technology & systems, businesses also need to invest in people right now to build the workforce of tomorrow,” Bartolomeo said.

“To make the Industry 4.0 enabled Connected Enterprise a reality, we first need to start creating a pipeline of skilled problem solvers, builders, makers and innovators. It is towards this goal that Rockwell Automation will continue to partner with industry and academic institutions in India and across the region,” he added.

Rockwell Automation 2019 TechEd India

The two-day Rockwell Automation 2019 TechEd India saw participation of more than 300 attendees from over 120 companies witnessing 70+ sessions.

Designed for end users, systems integrators, distributors, partners and machine builders, the event created opportunities for participants to learn from industry experts and hear how their peers are solving manufacturing and production challenges.