PC Maker Lenovo India to Provide IoT Solutions as Well

  • The company has hired two new people to handle the new vertical
  • It will approach manufacturing companies to provide them technology solutions

PC maker Lenovo India is expanding its business into end-to-end IT solutions for enterprises.

Apart from the existing business of personal computers, the company said it would start providing internet of things (IoT) solutions as well.

“We are moving from a device company to a device-plus-solution firm,” said Lenovo India CEO and Managing Director Rahul Agarwal.

The company has also hired two new people to handle the new vertical and plans to gradually build the team.

“We are not looking to bag 100 deals, but we are looking for few installations to prove ourselves to begin with,” the official stated.

Lenovo to focus on smarter businesses

The company has now divided its business in three segments — smarter devices, smart workplace and smarter businesses.

The new leg, smarter businesses, has nothing to do with PCs and they will provide vertical solutions, Agarwal said.

This will be solution-centric approach, and under this the company will offer an end-to-end solution, he added.

The company has started expansion on the similar lines in some of the leading markets, including the US, China, Germany and some other parts of Europe.

He said Lenovo will now approach manufacturing companies and give them technology solutions to improve efficiency.


Source: PTI