New Open Source Embedded Client for IoT Device Vendors


IoT Device and Data Management company, Friendly Technologies has announced the release of its Professional Embedded LwM2M Client and associated SDK as free open-source software for IoT vendors.

The LwM2M Client is targeted mainly for IoT device manufacturers to comply with industry standards for efficient mass IoT device deployments.

“We have released a fully-featured, high-quality LwM2M Client that is efficient and requires a very low footprint for RAM, Flash, and CPU resources. An example of this is the ultra low power Cortex M4 and ARM MCUs that some of our customers are using,” says Tzvi Skapinker, VP Products at Friendly Technologies. “This announcement arises from our active involvement with OMA SpecWorks, the standards body for IoT device and data management. We felt it our obligation to contribute to the IoT developer community at large to further advance and support efficient IoT device deployments globally.”

Friendly’s OMA-LwM2M client SDK embedded edition is a framework that implements the OMA LwM2M 1.0/1.1 protocol and is designed for the management of low-profile and constrained Class 0 and Class 1 devices.

Friendly’s LwM2M client can additionally be deployed over various CIoT technologies, including LTE CAT-M1, NB-IoT, and EC-GSM-IoT.

Mr Ilan Migdal, CEO at Friendly Technologies states: “Friendly Technologies have invested significant R&D resources developing and maturing the LwM2M client to this point, a number of our global customers have benefitted from utilizing this professional client in their own IoT device developments. As an innovation organization we look forward to seeing device vendors adopting LwM2M as their IoT device protocol of choice, this aids the standards for interoperability, it aids and benefits the entire IoT ecosystem.”

The project has aimed to develop the IoT industry worldwide and IoT vendors certainly have a new client for their progress in the industry.